Review: Rebel Wolf by Amy Green

If you don’t like werewolves or romance, close the page now ha. 

Some background on my reading habits: 

  • I usually don’t finish reading a book. 
  • I usually don’t expect much of a free book on Kindle. 
  • I haven’t fallen in love with a book since the Mortal Instruments Series. 

Things have changed. I downloaded plenty of things on Kindle, not ever finishing one no matter how much I try. In the last 10 books I’ve tried to read, I actually grew excited to read this. 

Rebel Wolf kept my interest, kept me wanting more. Most of all, I COULDN’T GUESS THE CLIMAX OF THE STORY! I got so into the writing, story line, everything about it that I didn’t think or guess, I read. 

I started last night and stayed up way too late reading it. And immediately after my day job, started reading again. Two days, maybe 7 hours, I finished it. Which is great. 

Long winded, long books in general, I lose interest. But quick read and kept me on my toes. Great break from reality. 

And it’s free. Two more in the series after this book and I’m going to read them too once my work week is over. 

Congrats Amy Green for keeping a writer on her toes! 


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