I Have Learned the Importance of Naptime

Internet Peoples,

This has been a wild ride, hasn’t it? 2017 brings so much that most people would only imagine. I have my sequel almost finished (had a few weeks break due to another project I was working on.)

But, I have good news! Not only are you getting a sequel this year, but there’s also a novella that branches off the Halfling world! I’m working towards getting the sequel and novella out by the end of the year. What’s great about it is… STILL A SECRET!

Because of all of these projects, I have learned that naps are your friend. I love naps, since I don’t sleep through the full night like normal people. But hey, I never said I was normal!

Embrace the weird people and I will see you later! Also, if you have any ideas to do a YouTube video or any questions on the matter, hit me up in the comments below.

Love you all,



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