Late Night Blues – A day in my life, lately

Internet Peoples!

Most of my posts are scheduled for the morning (EST – Eastern Standard Time), but that’s not when I’m writing. Or when I’m even awake for that matter…

In fact, I am lucky to wake up before noon and to be in bed by 5 AM. Average, I get about 5-6 hours of sleep a night. And that’s average for a good week. As of the beginning of this month, I took a “vacation” from working 3 weeks straight as a bartender in Largo, Florida. Instead, I decided to spend my time on myself and my books.

That’s right, I used the plural of book. What am I writing? You will never know! At least, not yet. You know one of the projects is the sequel to Revenge that came out in January (but I got my advanced copies last November.)

When I’m not writing or working to get money to write and market, I’m scheduling. I splurged and bought a Dec. 2017 – Dec. 2019 booklet for scheduling events. October 12th, 2017, I’m back at Books at Park Place for their Horror Genre signing! Isn’t that exciting!

Starting Monday, I’ll be contacting more people in the Tampa Bay area to do book signings at. That’s if I don’t sell out of my copies on the 12th!

I have a full case reserved for my friend Amelia Bronson, who is starting a book-of-the-month-club with her friend, and fellow author. I’ll be February! That’d be a fantastic birthday present to myself! (February 7th for all of those who do not know!)

Back to the day in the life of me. It’s not easy. I wake up and immediately start writing or critiquing for as long as I can before I get ready for work. Then I go to work for an 8 hour shift, sometimes 9 depending on how busy. And when I get home, guess what? I relax for an hour or so and go to bed. Then I do it all again! My days off consist of laundry, writing, editing, outlining, re-outlining, character concepts, series outlines overall then separate book outlines for the series, etc. Once I get everything on the computer, I’ll start posting templates of what I use to create my books and characters.

After that, I’m a nerd. I play Sims 4, a lot. Too much for an adult, actually… I have a problem. Is there an AA meeting for Sims players? If you do not know what AA is, please just close this post now.

However, I use Sims 4 to create visual representations of my characters that I can play around with them and where they live. I can create every aspect of their lives and homes. I can put two characters together and just play it on freewill mode and see if they will get along together. Or I can use my God-complex and mess around and create drama…Which happens more than not.

I watch too much HGTV Rehab shows and dramas that I can binge on Netflix. Tonight, however, is music. I think I have a playlist going that’s… Let me check. Yup. I have a soft rock playlist playing right now.

Mom, yes it includes Phil Colins, Heart, and A-Ha. No, I really know about these bands. Heck, right now it’s playing You’re The Inspiration by Chicago. Which I’m sure, many people my own age don’t know who Chicago is. But whatever, I’m weird. I’m different. I’m okay with that.

My writing routine is there things get tricky. Which it has changed a lot in the last year and a half. Because of this, I’ve been taking a lot longer with Rebellion than planned. Readjustments are difficult. And there’s about to be more at the end of next month.

O.o good song… (Got distracted by Take It On The Run by REO Speedwagon).


As you can see, I get finicky and easy distracted. Also babble, a lot. Look forward to more posts where I get someone to watch me for my routine so I can write about it without getting too distracted. *Fingers Crossed*


Much Love,



The Creative Personality – Smart/Naive Paradox

Hello Internet Universe,

Today’s “Creative Personality” is on how we, as creative individuals, ensure the fact that as a whole being is a paradox. Science has even tested our minds and our IQs to show that we are a paradox, according to Psychology Today’s website. We can have our brains measured with our Convergent knowledge and we’re actually relatively smart. We also show another side of things with also Divergent thinking, meaning more situational thinking. And we can do both simultaneously.

Back in 1921, psychologist Lewis Terman tested the brains of people compared to their creativity and noticed something profound. Those who scored higher than 120 on the test were going to succeed but after a certain IQ point there wasn’t any added value to us. And those below 120, weren’t creative enough to be able to come up with and do the things we do. This doesn’t make us proud, it is a proven fact.

We also have the tendency to be able to use our emotional and mental smarts to be able to come up with the deepest insights into our workings. We contribute an emotional response when seeing art, and as a creative writer or a painter, or anything artistic, our job is to bring out the emotional responses to get people to stop and think about things. Our ability to do that also rests on our mental smarts as well because we need to have the ability to put everything we’re thinking into words that make sense.

None of this matters, however, if we didn’t have a quantity of ideas. We could have a plethora of ideas and only a few be real “money-makers”, and we need to have the flexibility to see both. As creative thinkers, we do have the flexibility to see what would be a good idea or at least elaborate on the not so great of them. Our flexibility also helps with our ability to switch perspectives. We have to when we write because we’re not writing ourselves (not always anyway because there’s always going to be a portion of us in our characters) so we need to see things how someone else would see them; if we didn’t write from different perspectives, our characters wouldn’t be believable.

My final note is that we have a high “g factor” (general intelligence) to be able to make us who we are, whether we’re a paradox or a mix. We need to be ourselves, because if we’re not, we will be unfulfilled in our lives and become unhappy. It’s best we just take a look at ourselves in the mirror and say, “I’m a Paradox.” We need to admit it to ourselves and flaunt it for what it’s worth. If we don’t take ourselves seriously, who will?

Accept yourself,