The Forgotten City

There was a city,
Long forgotten and falling apart.
The winter was cold,
The glassless windows held no resistence.

Snow entered the buildings.
One darkened room, filled with snow,
Held a small girl curled in the corner.
Who was the girl?

She was tightly bound in a blanket,
Her feet bare and callased.
The girl was a worker,
The girl was Lucille.

She hated her situation,
She hated her life.
The snow was her worst fate,
She’ll leave just like her brother.

She was a small girl fighting to survive in the mills,
Where the looms with the sharp corners,
Poked her.
The snow hit the glassless panes.

Inside the mill she wasn’t warm,
She didn’t know warm.
In this little forgotten town,
The last girl was soon to be forgotten…



I’m always tired,
But never can sleep.So I count sheep.

Nothing works.
Laying down,With a frown.

Why does it allude me?
Hours and Hours without a wink,
Hoping at any minute I will sink.

Into a deep dark abyss,
I try to fall.
Sleep likes to call.

Fluffing the pillow,
I can never be satisfied.
Even though I keep it classified.

I feel like the Princess
And the pea.
Dreaming of the deep blue sea.