How I Write Series Part four: The Typing

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Step One: Important Scenes

I usually write everything in notebooks before typing them up but when I do type them, I start with the important scenes.

This gives me time to quickly revise them as I type them to fit them in with other scenes I’ve already handwritten. 

Step Two: In Order

Once everything is compiled into multiple word documents, now is your chance to write them in order in one document. Once you see the chronological sequence, you can make notes about the transitions. 

Step Three: PRINT!

I cannot stress printing out at this point enough. This way if you don’t have a backup copy you can have a hard copy. 

This also makes it easier to make additional notes. You can physically out notes to what you want to put and where you want it. 

This is the first step to a complete first draft. 

Step Four: Notes

You have written plenty of notes, right? Nope. Once you have them written down, do a quick read through and add more!

How can you make the scenes more dangerous? Crucial? Heart-wrenching? Do it. 

Once you have add in notes completed start working on fluffing. You have the brutal down, now make it pretty. 

Why do they live in the apocalypse? What do they do in their freetime? Why are they at war? 

This gives you a chance to expand your subplot more.

Just remember: A writer starts the novel, the reader finishes it. -Stephen King. 

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Setting and it’s effects

Alrighty folks, guess what? Second to last in my relationship series on here! I know it’s a little bitter sweet.

Today we’re going to talk about the setting now that we have the characters all taken care of. We can’t have a good story without knowing what is behind the masks. We know our characters and their lives inside out and now we need to know just where everyone is. What’s the color of the walls? What does it represent? (Just because the walls are blue will make every English teacher think it’s to emphasize the melodramatic of the scene when we just want the dang walls blue, right?)

Everything has it’s purpose, so does your setting. It will show the mood of the relationship or the scene and will alter how the characters will feel. If it’s a rainy day, the characters won’t be overly happy unless they’re one of the weird people that love the darkness. That’s okay though, some people are like that. After that we have to think what makes it worth while?

We tend to be more attracted to the mood of people that really what the people look like. So if they take us someplace that makes our mood positive, then we’re going to want to see them again, even if they look like a 70’s hippie. What does this mean?

All of this means that your setting matters and you can treat it as a character if you need to. We treated our relationships as separate characters, why can’t we do the same for our setting?

Tune in next week for the final installment!


Mental Attraction and Feelings

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Today is all about the mental attraction and feelings of your characters, thus the title.

If you want to take a step back, feel free to read the Similarities and Differences posts because those will play a huge part in the attraction and the feelings of your characters in the relationship. One thing I also want to add after seeing a movie that Is a sequel. I don’t want to say the movie that way I don’t offend or upset anyone but what I want to add is that if you have a male in the relationship, make sure it’s known that they are the male. Yes, some men can pose feminine qualities, but don’t overdo it. I saw the first of the series and loved how the male character was with his equal parts masculine with feminine qualities as well, but in the second one, they over did how feminine he really is. It was such a turn off to any other movies that they could have in the series. Thus the reminder to keep your men masculine unless it is entirely necessary in the plot line for them to be more feminine.

Here we are going to be thinking about Emotional Triggers. What is it in your characters that trigger their emotions? Everyone is different and so must our characters. If you have the same background for all of the characters then you will have the same responses which make the characters less full and the reader will lose interest. What made the man in the second movie more feminine?  Why did he fall in love with the girl? What makes your character who they are and what triggers how they act or feel depending on the situation and their backstory. Your characters are supposed to be full, vibrant even. Let them be.

Finally, I’m going to touch up on a couple ways people write. You can do everything listed above in one of two ways or blend them into your own unique style. We love unique, so that would probably be the best route. Stand out. Method Writing: the act of putting yourself into your character and writing everything. Then there is technique writing (which I believe is only good for those doing an autobiography): is where you take your own experiences and put them into your writing. How many of us writing a romance novel have been put into a barn with the rain pouring around us where the man tells us he loves us? Not many. So why would that work unless you can add a little method into the mix. Think of yourself as an actor on paper, and go from there.

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Proximity and Other Characters

Internet Peoples, welcome to another installment of the Relationship series.


Today we’re going to talk about the Proximity of your characters and what that means for your relationships. One thing, and the most important of them all, you can’t marry someone you’ve never met. Thus for, your characters actually have to meet. They have to be near each other, no matter what you have to find a common grounds for them to actually meet each other in order to grow into a relationship.

I have paired this Laws of Attraction with adding in other characters because Proximity is a really easy concept to grasp. Other characters, however, being easy can be a tad more complicated to actually perform the task.

You don’t just have two characters in your book to where they can’t ever be interrupted. Think about this, they have to have conflict. What’s a better way to add conflict in the relationship and plot line than to add in other characters to the mix?

The majority of novels have plenty of characters, so even if you have to make up one out of the blue it will work. Someone, somewhere has to disagree with the arrangement and try to make it worse for the relationship. That’s the only hope into maintaining the tension and the conflict that is needed to keep your reader engaged.

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Similarities & Differences – Answers


The last post, I asked you ten questions. Here’s the answers.

  • Why are your characters together?

I can’t answer this for you. I can only give an example. Let’s go back to Suzy, Jack, and Martin from Monday’s post. Say Suzy is with Jack. They’re together because he challenges her. He shows her who she can be and helps her grow. If she’s with Martin, it’s because that’s what she feels she was raised to do. She was supposed to be stable and have a family. Jack is with Suzy because she’s beautiful and funny, even though she can be a little crazy. It’s okay, Jack likes crazy. Martin, however, just feels like he can’t get anyone else. Especially, not another girl like Suzy. She helps him grow to be more confident with himself and with his work that he’s been promoted to Sheriff’s Deputy. So, Suzy grows with Jack but he feels that he likes spending time with her. Martin grows with her but she’s only with him because she’s supposed to be. Passionate love Vs. Empty Love.

  • Why are the relationships their own character?

A relationship is the sum of both parts but is not the total. Each individual is still themselves. The relationship is how they are together and how they complement each other. Please, do not mistake “complement” with “compliment”. Either way, if you look at the relationship sketch I’ve previously posted you will understand where I am coming from. We need to know how each get along with the important people of their SO’s life. But do not mistake the relationship as the person entirety. They have their own interests, as well as the interests they have to share with each other. Does Suzy like to go to the gym? Does Jack? Martin? Yes, yes, no. Thus if Suzy was with Martin, she would go to the gym and he would do his hobby, knitting. If she was with Jack, however, that would be a shared interest that they could do together. Thus, relationships are different between different people but do not encompass the entirety of both individuals, they still are their own being.

  • How do the similarities bring tension?

Tension is the presence of high emotion. If Suzy is passionate about the gym and Jack is as well, the emotion would be acceptance or something positive. Similarities can always also bring conflict. If Suzy is short tempered like Jack, could bring about many fights, which would also be tension. Anger is an emotion thus raises the tension. Tension doesn’t have to be bad or sexual, it just has to be a highly emotional scene. (Also understand that working out increases endorphin thus the libido, so could be sexual tension that they experience later on in the scene.)

  • How do the differences bring about conflict?

Conflict is what is standing away of the goal of your character whether it be a situation or another character. Say Suzy’s goal is to get married to Martin. What’s the worst that could happen? Martin’s ex-wife comes back into the picture with a six year old kid that she claims is his. Martin is family-oriented thus begins to have doubts. What could happen, make it worse. That’s your conflict. That’s standing in the way of Suzy. What should Suzy do? This creates the ability to express another characteristic of Suzy and Martin as well. What does he do? Two way street, now do they both drive to the sunset together with weekend custody or does Martin pull over to let Suzy out?

  • What traits work well together?
  • What traits are like oil and water?

We always hear that opposites attract, and in ways they do. It’s the other traits and interests that bring about if the couple can remain together. Remember, your characters are your babies and creation. They are people in your eyes. We don’t want them hurt, but we have to. So what if Suzy kisses a few frogs before she meets Oliver who she ends up with in the end? (Ohhh look plot twist!) We know Suzy, she’s amazing even though she thinks she should do what society is telling her to. She’s a conformist. Then comes in Oliver, gorgeous Real Estate Tycoon with a vacation home in the South of France who just sweeps her off her feet… (Like that’ll happen, see be realistic). Say Oliver runs a bar in the middle of town that is always busy. He doesn’t get a lot of physical time with Suzy but he calms her down when she’s going through her crazy moments, and he genuinely cares about her and wants to marry her. There is no ex-wife to worry about, but he is really into his work. Suzy just wants love, that’s her goal. So she tends to get dependent whilst trying to keep the guy she’s with. In ways, they really do love each other. And guess what! They have opposite goals, yet they work. It’s true some traits work well together and some don’t, but it’s how much we emphasize those traits and their importance. That’s what can make or break any relationship, real or fictional.

  • What level are they in according to Laws of Attraction?

Again, example. Did your characters just meet and still are into more of how the other looks or are they getting to know each other? Have they been together for years or weeks? It’s up to you. Suzy and Oliver are already almost to the “L” word so they’re already through the entire list. They have each other. The “Proximity” is what is changing for them. Can Suzy handle it? (By the way, Proximity is next week’s post!)

The rest of it is self explanatory now that I could answer all of these for you. It’s all what you think is best for your character. Don’t shape your characters to be together, shape them for the job that they have in the story. Is Suzy the heroine or the scholar? Is Jack the fool?


Similarities & Differences Part Two


I didn’t get to tell you quite a few things that I wanted to in my last post. There was a lot I left out, I’m sorry. We know, I get on tangents and then next thing I know, long blog.

So here’s where I tell you stuff about tension and ask you why, again. Instead of lecturing, I’m going to ask you. You can answer on your own or in the comments below. In a couple days I will check up on everything and explain it all for you in a part three.

Here’s your questions:

  1. Why are your characters together?
  2. Why is the relationship between them a character of its own?
  3. How do the similarities between the characters bring tension?
  4. How does the differences between the characters bring conflict?
  5. What traits do you think work well together?
  6. What traits are like oil and water?
  7. What level are they in according to Laws of Attraction?
  8. What is their motivation to stay together?
  9. Why shouldn’t they be together?
  10. Why should I care if they are together, or not?

So there you have it. Think it over, reread previous posts if you would like to and I’ll see you here in a few days!



Similarities & Differences

Welcome to Similarities and Differences,

You’ve graduated from Relationships 101! Yay! Now to dig deep, deep down and fall in love with your characters. You can’t have a relationship with someone you don’t really know, neither can your characters. So, get to know them so you can set them up. Who knows, they may surprise you.

Love Triangles are common in anything dealing drama and romance. Someone likes someone who likes someone else, etc and usually the female is trying to figure out which one to choose. This is used so much because this in itself is a conflict and tension raiser.

You have to understand that you if you use the love triangle, you have to root for both of the guys. Make us unsure which one the girl will pick. What does she like about one that the other doesn’t have? What would make us want to stick both parties into a merger machine to create the perfect man?

Say we have three characters: Jack, Suzy, and Martin.  Jack is twenty-four, plays guitar, gorgeous smile, funny, kind, protective almost to a fault. He’s an extrovert and what do they posses? The tendency for a short temper. There’s his fault. Martin, however, is a desk clerk at the county sheriff’s office, about thirty-two. There’s nothing special in how he looks, people would rate him about a six out of ten. He keeps to himself and doesn’t go out much. He’s an introvert, which are prone to depression and anxiety.

So we have Suzy. She’s attractive, hitting about an eight out of ten. She’s outgoing, even-tempered, she likes to go out with friends but when she’s on a date she prefers something a little more relaxed. She’s an all around good person, however, she has a tendency to get neurotic. She does what she does because she feels that she has to, that she has to do what society expects. She’s twenty-two and the majority of her friends are married and have kids. She’s constantly wondering why she can’t get married and have a kid. Thus the choice.

Who do you think would be better for her? Jack? Martin?

Think about it, Martin is the obvious choice because of Suzy’s Superego controlling her. But he’s relaxed and easy going. He’s at the age that men start thinking they should get married if they haven’t yet. But Suzy is a tad neurotic and doesn’t really want to do what she thinks she should. Her Id constantly fights for the primitive. Jack is gorgeous! He’s a bit of a party-animal, but have you seen those eyes?

See what I did there? Now she has to fight with herself (Simple Motivation, Conflict) to reach the next step for either. Society says to go for Martin but deep down Suzy wants Jack. Who will she pick? Why?

This boils down to specific traits and interests of all three characters. The traits have been laid out already and Suzy’s mind is okay with all of them for either guy. Even though both have their faults. So what are they interested in?

Suzy looked at Jack’s eyes to see if he was lying.

“Are you serious?” she asked. “I would never think that you’re favorite food was Pig’s Feet!”

“I am very serious, my mom is from Georgia and made the best pickled pig’s feet!” he said with a laugh.

“I never tried them.”

“Maybe I can figure out a way to make some for you,” he coyly replied.

So we have an interest, a favorite. He likes Pig’s Feet, she never had them before. There’s a difference. Let’s say that Martin likes a good Garlic Shrimp with White Rice. Plays it safe.

Why is Suzy, at this point, more prone to pick Jack? Differences believe it or not. We need to have similarities between partners, but the differences is what makes us grow as an individual and a pair. Martin doesn’t show Suzy any growth potential.

Women go for status over looks right? It’s not black-and-white. It depends on the person.

Tell me who you think Suzy should end up with in the comments below!