Update on ‘Revenge’

Hello my internet cohorts, 

I have an update on ‘Revenge’! It becomes available on Amazon on the first of January!

Still available on my publishers website as well. 

If you want a signed edition, message me directly via email on the contact me portion of my blog or add my Facebook to message me there. 

Hoping everyone is enjoying the holiday season! 



News Update!

Heya internet people’s and aspiring writers! 

Coming January 19th, I will be giving a speech about my novel ‘Revenge’ at the University of South Florida – Saint Petersburg campus! 

A little late and no where near ready, I have finished writing the speech and getting my presentation together. I will be having it videoed and will be posted on here as well as Facebook, and YouTube for those who cannot make it out. 

I hope to see you there,