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I’m looking for beta readers and critique partners for my sequel. If you’re interested find me on Facebook or Twitter and shoot me a message! 



A Sneak Peak into Rebellion

Internet peoples! Here it is! A sneak peak into my sequel in the Halfling Series, ‘Rebellion’.

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The washed out dirt road stopped abruptly in front of the darkened tree line. She wasn’t sure where she was supposed to be going as she put the car into park and turned off the headlights. Karma Pierce hated driving at night since the accident. In fact, she was lucky just to have a vehicle since the majority have been seized last year by vampire who wanted to prove how much more advanced and terrifying they were compared to the rest of them. Karma hated them, including her ex-best friend.

Sarah had left Karma high and dry in the middle of a stupid suicide mission. Why did Sarah have to go in on her own? Granted, it had been fifteen years since it all happened, but the wounds still felt fresh to the caramel colored witch. In the time since Sarah’s disappearance, Karma refused to believe that Sarah was dead.

Karma had since learned to use her powers. Her mother always had insisted she control them by not using them, but when the cafeteria blew up that one morning when the quarterback dumped Karma’s lunch onto the ground… Karma couldn’t help it.

Karma looked at her phone, to no avail. The vampires knocked out all of the cell towers months ago, but Karma still had hope. Hope that would drive her to bring the biggest rebellion in history out into the open, once she had the numbers that is. She had so much work to do, barely even having ten volunteers to help. She needed more people and they were out in the marshes of Louisiana hiding out from the vampires. Karma had to find them.

The map was drenched from the rain that weighed Karma’s long black hair around her shoulders. She turned on her flashlight, putting the map on the hood of the car. She already made it this far, she should be able to get to the rest of the hideouts easily.

“Karma,” her boyfriend’s voice boomed. He always tried to be quiet in stressful situations but his voice just carried too easily. “We went the wrong way.” He got out of the car, towering over it. Karma loved the guy, but he was too obvious. She couldn’t take him anywhere without being noticed.

“Thy,” she responded. “We are almost there. I can feel it.” Karma looked to the sky, feeling the raindrops fall upon her face.

“Can we trust that guy?” he asked, referring to the latest volunteer who seemed a little too finicky to be of any good.

“Ty,” Karma growled. “I’m concentrating.”

“Sorry, babe.”

Tyson Rivera was a great boyfriend to Karma, he just wasn’t exactly the sharpest of minds. Not the dullest of minds, granted, but definitely in need of a book . He was over six feet tall and built like a racehorse. He spent a lot of his time in the makeshift gym at the base trying to stay buff and hone in on his fighting skills. He was also a werewolf, so every full moon he became a monster. Karma could always tell when a full moon was on the way because it would make Tyson anxious and rather moody, she said it was like he was on a wolf-period.

Karma gasped, feeling an overwhelming amount of power surge through her. Everything whited out around her and a picture began to form in her mind. There was a stone cell with iron doors beginning to rust, a sleeping Sarah with her long brown hair swirled around her face was inside of the cell. A sense of relief flew over Karma to see that her friend didn’t abandon her, but instead was capture. There was a burly man outside of the gate staring at Sarah with a sad look over his face as he fidgeted with the keys before putting on into the door. The door swung open and he knelt down to Sarah. “Time to go, katyonak.” His voice was gravelly with a heavy Russian accent. The voice comforted Karma as she watched the man pick up Sarah and take her out of the cell. Sarah’s body was limp against the large man, her head banging over his arm as if she were unconscious. She looked pastier than normal and was just skin and bones.

“Karma!” Tyson yelled, shaking his girlfriend’s shoulders. “What’s wrong?”

“Huh?” Karma asked, coming out of her trance.

“What happened?” he asked, wiping a tear away from Karma’s cheek.

“She’s alive, Ty.” Karma began laughing and hugging her long-term boyfriend.

“Who is?”

“Sarah!” Karma laughed. “We can do this!”

She grabbed the map from the car and began to walk through the dense undergrowth and water of the marsh. Plants brushed against her legs as she continued to walk and branched hit her face. Nothing could slow down Karma now that she knew that there was still hope. Everything was different now.


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Chasing Your Life And Passion

So, my internet readers… Today is a different kind of post.

I’ve already said before to set goals in order to achieve your writing goals. Daily Goals or How my goals help me are two times I have referenced the topic before. Question is: Do I still believe that goals are something to live by? The answer is obvious. Yes.

I have some major projects coming out under a pen name plus the sequel and the novella attached to the Halfling Series, this year alone. Keep in mind, I also work. I posted a blog last week that I love on my 3 YouTube Videos to Watch. If I didn’t take the small times throughout the day in order to write, nothing would be coming out this year.

I have a lot of things that I have to work through and deal with on everyday basis, but that’s just like everybody else. My point is: Anyone, given enough stamina, preparation, and talent, can write a book. Why do I say talent? Well because let’s face it, if you didn’t have talent writing, why would you to begin with? If you have a talent with cars, don’t you play around with them? What about skiing or coloring? It all runs the same. But talent doesn’t get you everywhere. In fact, that is only 1/4 of the battle. Without the stamina and perseverance to finish that book you’ve always wanted to write, the talent won’t et you anywhere. So the stamina and perseverance is 1/2 of the challenge. The other 1/4 is preparation and goals. Why do I say you only need 1/4 of this in order to complete your book?

The answer is simple. The first draft is telling yourself the story. And with the talent, and stamina, you’ll research and complete your project. But just for a simple first draft, you still need the preparation, but not a whole lot until later.

How would you be able to set up your preparation? Goals in writing, to me, would be a self project. Why? Because, right now, I value writing more than I would anything else.  This is something that I, personally, want. Thus I do it for myself, most of all, more so than just trying to publish everything. Which I still intend to do, as well. lists some valuable reasons to why goal-setting is important. The one I agree with most of all is that it brings motivation to people. talks about setting your goals. I would go into more detail but I’m already over 400 words for this post, so it’s getting a little too long! 🙂

But I will be sure to post later about how to set up your writing goals and give my life examples to why it works.

Love you all,


3 YouTube Videos for Writers to Watch

Internet Peoples Everywhere,

So, I’ve found a few fellow authors on YouTube. One of my favorite people I’ve found as well as my favorite video from her is down below. Her name is Jenna Morcei, author of Eve the Awakening.

The Nine Weird Habits of Writers

The next author that I have been watching on YouTube is Ava Jae, author of Beyond the Red. This video below is the one I have watched multiple times. I mean MULTIPLE times.

Writing When You Don’t Want To

The next one is from TED, just because it has so much valuable information for writers. The woman speaking is Laura Vanderkam.

How To Gain Control Of Your Free Time


I Have Learned the Importance of Naptime

Internet Peoples,

This has been a wild ride, hasn’t it? 2017 brings so much that most people would only imagine. I have my sequel almost finished (had a few weeks break due to another project I was working on.)

But, I have good news! Not only are you getting a sequel this year, but there’s also a novella that branches off the Halfling world! I’m working towards getting the sequel and novella out by the end of the year. What’s great about it is… STILL A SECRET!

Because of all of these projects, I have learned that naps are your friend. I love naps, since I don’t sleep through the full night like normal people. But hey, I never said I was normal!

Embrace the weird people and I will see you later! Also, if you have any ideas to do a YouTube video or any questions on the matter, hit me up in the comments below.

Love you all,


Review: Rebel Wolf by Amy Green

If you don’t like werewolves or romance, close the page now ha. 

Some background on my reading habits: 

  • I usually don’t finish reading a book. 
  • I usually don’t expect much of a free book on Kindle. 
  • I haven’t fallen in love with a book since the Mortal Instruments Series. 

Things have changed. I downloaded plenty of things on Kindle, not ever finishing one no matter how much I try. In the last 10 books I’ve tried to read, I actually grew excited to read this. 

Rebel Wolf kept my interest, kept me wanting more. Most of all, I COULDN’T GUESS THE CLIMAX OF THE STORY! I got so into the writing, story line, everything about it that I didn’t think or guess, I read. 

I started last night and stayed up way too late reading it. And immediately after my day job, started reading again. Two days, maybe 7 hours, I finished it. Which is great. 

Long winded, long books in general, I lose interest. But quick read and kept me on my toes. Great break from reality. 

And it’s free. Two more in the series after this book and I’m going to read them too once my work week is over. 

Congrats Amy Green for keeping a writer on her toes! 

Problem with being an introvert

I really would like to go out. But I don’t know too many people to go out with. Just de-stress right now. 

Life has a funny strand of ups and downs and sometimes relaxing is what needs to be done. 

But now I figure I’ll just stay home with a good book. That will at least project me into a different reality. Sometimes you need to forget and imagine in order to take on day-to-day struggles. 

My thought for the night. 

Much love to you all,